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CCR: I love you, but I leave you!

Many developers who start manipulate with office application (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) end up with bunch of common issues. It might be process handlers leaking or memory leaks. It usually happened when the Office objects are not properly disposed and leaved as is. Fortunately, it is fixable.

The Office App, There and Back again...

Since Office Apps was introduced not much functionality was released. The problem of Office app functionality lack makes developer implement logic in VSTO addin and build fancy communication path to pass the data between Office Apps and VSTO addins. Here is the simplest solution of expose self-host Web API to make an Ajax calls from the Office App.

VSTO Addin signed with SHA256 fail to load

This article is about fixing VSTO addin loading fail. The adding is properly signed by SHA256 key and installed with MSI installer. However the certificate is added in trusted publisher, loading of addin still fail with SecurityException on connection stage.

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